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Desktop Software:

Net Profile Switch 5.31

Network settings manager (network settings switcher) for mobile laptop users. Switches a computer between multiple network profiles - switch IP address, proxy server, printer etc.
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Macro Recorder 3.85

Our famous Macro Recorder: keyboard and mouse recorder, player and powerful macro script editor for Windows. Macro Recorder records your actions, edits the resulting scripts, converts scripts to EXE files etc.
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RSS Feed Creator 3.44

RSS editor software - create, edit, and publish feeds and podcasts. RSS Maker. RSS Creator.
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System Purifier 3.37

All-in-one file shredder, privacy eraser, startup programs manager and disk cleaner (junk file finder).
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AanConnect Network Sniffer 1.5

Simple and effective network sniffer - capture and view IP packets over your network
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AutoText 2.36

Assign acronyms to frequently used phrases and AutoText will insert a common phrase each time you type the corresponding acronym.
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MailJet 2.33

MailJet is a "newsletter software" (also called "maillist software"), used to send personalized emails to a list of recipients.
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Server Software:

HelpDesk 2.8.0

Web-based help desk software - issue tracking software based on ASP.NET. Deliver support to your customers.
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AspNetForum 4.5.9

ASP.NET forum software. Add an ASP.NET discussion forum to your website in seconds. Free edition available.
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Log2SQL 1.2

Log2SQL is a free program that imports web-server logs into an SQL-database (or creates an SQL-script). Both W3C and NCSA web log formats are supported.
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Latest releases

 Jan 28 2008
HelpDesk 2.8.0

 Jan 19 2008
AspNetForum 4.5.8

Latest news

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 Dec 27 2007
AanConnect Network Sniffer
Please welcome our new tool - AanConnect Network Sniffer! It's a simple, powerful and good-looking packet monitoring program. Try it.

In other news: we have released Autotext 2.36 and AspNetForum 4.5.6.

 Dec 10 2007
Macro Recorder 3.85
Macro Recorder 3.85 is out. The new version improves performance and adds a possibility to use asterisks and question marks as wildcards in some automation commands.

 Nov 29 2007
HelpDesk 2.7.3 is out
HelpDesk version 2.7.3 is out with a lot of new features. Check out the release log for more info.

 Nov 17 2007
Multilingual AspNetForum and HelpDesk
We have released the multilingual versions of our ASP.NET forum and HelpDesk. HelpDesk has been translated to German, AspNetForum has been translated to Dutch and Spanish, more languages are coming. Remember that you can help us with a translation and get a discount.

 Nov 8 2007
New Macro Recorder
Macro Recorder has been updated to version 3.83. Please check the release log for more info.

 Nov 4 2007
HelpDesk 2.7
AanConnect HelpDesk 2.7 is out. Among other major improvements the new version of Help-Desk is now easily localizable to other locales and languages using ASP.NET resources. English and German are included by default with more languages to come.

 Oct 2 2007
AspNetForum 4.3.5
Our ASP.NET forum software has been updated to version 4.3.5. The new version fixes some minor errors, improves RSS support, and adds a new feature "close a thread".